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Gifu University Newsletter for International Exchange

The Newsletter is published semiyearly by GU-GLOCAL to introduce messages from international students, journals from those studying abroad, and research reports compiled by researchers at Gifu University.

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Newsletter No.56

Published in 2023.10 NEWSLETTER No.55
Published in 2023.03 NEWSLETTER No.54
Published in 2022.10 NEWSLETTER No.53
Published in 2022.03 NEWSLETTER No.52
Published in 2021.10 NEWSLETTER No.51
Published in 2021.03 NEWSLETTER No.50
Published in 2020.10 NEWSLETTER No.49
Published in 2020.03 NEWSLETTER No.48
Published in 2019.10 NEWSLETTER No.47
Published in 2019.03 NEWSLETTER No.46
Published in 2018.10 NEWSLETTER No.45
Published in 2018.03 NEWSLETTER No.44
Published in 2017.10 NEWSLETTER No.43