About Center for Japanese Language and Culture

Japanese Tutors

We ask Japanese Gifu University students to play the role “tutor” to support international students studying at Gifu University. There are three types of tutors (lounge tutor, personal tutor and research paper tutor) depending on the activities they will engage in. We welcome anyone who is interested to work with international students, providing support for their studies at the university, etc. as a tutor at the Center.

Please feel free to inquire at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture for details of this monitor system.

Lounge Tutor

Lounge tutors are available at the Exchange Lounge of the Center from 14:45 to 16:45 on weekdays (excluding school holidays). They deal with requests made by international students such as the need to practice Japanese communication, any academic support and etc. Lounge tutors also organize various “lounge events,” such as holding a star festival in summer, New Year’s celebration events for international students.

Personal Tutor

Every exchange student enrolled in the Center for Japanese Language and Culture (studying “Japanese Society & Culture” program) has his/her personal tutor assigned by the Center. Personal tutors assist students in coping with life in Japan and studying Japanese on a date/time agreed by both tutors and students.

【Message from a former personal tutor】

“I met my partner student and talked to him in Japanese once a week or so. Topics of our conversations varied from studying, travelling, differences in culture between Japan and his home country, or the things we got most interested in nowadays. It was a great fun for me to talk with the student because he has very unique perspectives about things around him. I tried my best to explain things in easy Japanese whenever the student asked me about Japanese expressions, or words he couldn't comprehend. I felt my work as a tutor quite rewarding seeing that the student quickly picked up new words and improved his Japanese skills quickly.”

Research Paper Tutor

Research paper tutors help international students studying the Japanese Language & Culture Studies Course of the Center (Nikkensei), write their research papers after the completion of the course. In cooperation with the students’ supervisors, tutors proofread papers and provide consultations for the students. The period of tutoring is about four months starting from April (students start to work on their papers) to the beginning of August (completion of the papers).

【Message from a former research paper tutor】

“I helped my partner student write and compile her paper. For instance, the student and I thought of the theme of the paper and its structure together. I also checked in detail whether there are any strange Japanese expressions or words in the paper. Because a research paper is a culmination of her hard work for the whole year, the student did her very best through trial and error for many days and months. To emulate the student’s patience and diligence, I also did my utmost to be the best partner for the student.”