Japanese Society and Culture Program

Message from Graduates

Graduates here provide their perspectives after studying as Japanese Society and Culture Program students.

  • April 2019 to February 202025th Term

    There have been many good points from my year spent doing study abroad at Gifu University in the Japanese Language and Culture program. Firstly, with all classes taught in Japanese, I always had the opportunity to practice my Japanese skills. Furthermore, the classes were fairly small, so I was able to learn quickly and get good feedback from teachers. Thanks to this, my Japanese ability improved significantly over the year. Also, through combined classes and club activities, I was able to get to know many local Japanese students and practice Japanese outside the classroom. To students considering doing exchange at Gifu University, I would definitely recommend it. Gifu is an easy place to settle in to and you will find yourself constantly using Japanese in your daily interactions and conversations, making the area a great place to choose for studying Japanese.

    Overall, the exchange program at Gifu University was a great experience. Thanks to the Japanese classes my Japanese noticeably improved, and thanks to the cultural classes I learnt a lot about Japanese culture. I took the C class in first semester and D class in second semester. There was a big gap in the difficulty of these classes but I was able to cope with this as I had tried to prepare and study during the summer holidays. If you don't properly prepare for D class, I think it will be very difficult. Within D class the Sougo D (general, textbook class) was quite difficult but the contents were interesting and it was definitely worth taking. The Speaking class was also extremely good. I thought that the reading class at D level was a bit too easy. I enjoyed learning about business Japanese, but it would have been better if we had gone into slightly more depth with the readings and the company studies. We also had the chance to take a Sado (tea ceremony) class, which was a great experience.