For International Graduates

Security Export Control

The Security Export Control is intended to properly regulate exportation in the international community, with the aim of preventing weapons as well as sensitive goods and technologies convertible to military use, from being exported to terrorist organizations or countries developing weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.

Research results of universities and technologies developed at universities may fall into the hands of terrorist organizations or countries developing weapons of mass destruction, by way of academic exchange occasions between Japanese and overseas universities, or through students and researchers from foreign countries. We must pay the greatest attention to prevent the careless provision or transfer of their research results or technologies.

The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act prohibits exporters or suppliers from supplying any dual-use goods and technologies, to ensure security export control. In principle, we must obtain the license from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, to export or supply controlled goods or technologies under the Act.

International students may be required to obtain the license, depending upon the technological information, etc., that they wish to bring with them to their home countries.
Please access the website of Academic Research and Industry-AcademiaGovernment Collaboration for further details.