Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course

Graduate Thesis

Below are the final thesis topics completed so far by Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course students.

Presentations of research results are held upon completion of the course final thesis. Since 2007, final thesis presentations have been held under the theme of "how international students see Japan." The graduates, who studied between October 2022 and August 2023, made presentations (face-to-face and online) on August 6, 2023.

22nd Term October 2022 to August 2023

My observation on "dialect cosplay" — based on my field research of "dialect cosplay" among youths in Japan and China
Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) — from the survey results by Vietnamese living in Japan
My observation on taboo words among the youths — comparison between Japanese and Chinese
Relationship between money spent on Oshikatsu (activities for favorites) and level of happiness — comparison of sense of obsession between Japanese and Thais
Comparison of practice teaching between Japan and China — centering around GU students' practice teaching

Presentations by Students studying "Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2023"

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  • October 2019 to August 202019th Term

    Use of Contracted Forms in Daily Conversations: From Performances from “Sandwich Man (Japanese comedian duo)”
    Convey the Beauty of Gifu Local Kabuki (Ji-Kabuki) to the People of Thailand: Conduct Questionnaires by Using Photos
    Anime (animation) Sacred Sites Pilgrimage Seen from Foreign Nationals
    Veganism: Exclusion of All Forms of Animal Exploitation
    Translation for Tourism Strategies: Chinese Translation of Nagara River Cormorant Fishing as an Example
    Differences in Ancestor Worshipping between Viet Nam and Japan: Focusing on Viet Nam Lunar New Year Holidays and Japan’s Summer Bon Holidays

    Presentation by Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course 2020

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  • October 2018 to August 201918th Term

    Little-known world of Fumuke (works for people (mainly female) who love stories of male homosexuality) - revelations from a parody of Detective Conan film
    Living together may result in marriage? - different perceptions among university students in Thailand and Japan
    Translation of Japanese onomatopoeia - comparison among original piece (English), translation in Chinese and Ukrainian of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”
    Company naming - in comparison with naming of people and enterprises in Europe and US
    Stand up against exploitative part-time work - survey results of international students at Gifu University
    Observation on tolerance for Christianity during Ming and Qing dynasties in China - Ming Dynasty and Italian missionary Matteo Ricci and comparison with Japan during the corresponding era of the dynasty

    Presentation by the Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course in 2018 - Gifu University

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  • October 2017 to August 201817th Term

    Elizabeth Unknown to Japanese - comparison between Vienna musicals and Takarazuka Revue in Japan
    Pros and Cons of Tram in Daejeon - through comparison with Freiburg (Germany) and Gifu City (Japan)
    Different Expressions for Apologies - Comparison between Japanese and Hungarians
    Status and Strategy of Convenience Stores in China - comparison to Japanese convenience stores expanding into Chinese market
    Formation and Promulgation of Giovanni’s Identity - observation of Night on the Galactic Railroad as a tale of maturity
    Awareness of Japanese-English Words - analysis focusing on language structure and generation gap
    Trends found in Japanese and Chinese Remake Dramas - focusing on “Tokyo Women Guide” and “Beijing Women Guide”
    Observation of Chinese Students’ Studying Japanese Unvoiced Plosive and Voiced Plosive -focusing on advanced learners

    Presentation by the Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course in 2018 - Gifu University

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  • October 2015 to August 201615th Term

    Japanese Mask Culture - Why Japan is called “Mask Kingdom”
    Once upon a time, there were people called “Maori” - Analysis of Maori folk tale
    Why people pay for smartphone game apps?
    Men and Salt - Differences of faith in and expressions of salt in Europe and Japan
    Japan seen through the lens of Christianity - History of acceptance of Christianity in Japan
    Legacy of Samurai Warriors - Is the spirit of Samurai of Inazo Nitobe still alive among the Japanese youths?
    Challenges and Characteristics of Hairdressing in Japan and China
    Pronunciation Analysis of Korean spoken by Korean Residents in Japan - Comparison and analysis of explosives at word-initial consonants
    Treatment of Special Needs Students in Japan and Thailand - Welfare services between Gifu University and Kasetsart University
    Public Advertisement in Japan - Look into the transition of public advertisement with the passage of time

    Presentation by the Students of Japanese Language and Culture Studies Course in 2016 - Gifu University

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  • October 2014 to August 201514th Term

    Relationship between Korean Artists and the Pro Japanese in the Japanese Colonial Era - life of dancer Choe Seung-hui
    English Education for Elementary School Pupils - comparison between Sri Lanka and Japan
    Handkerchief - different ways of using handkerchief in China and Japan
    Current Status of Vietnamese Students in Japan
    Special Needs Education in Japan and Thailand - focus on education for elementary school pupils with special needs
    Future of Wagyu (Japanese Cattle) and WAGYU - why WAGYU is not on the Japanese market
    Elucidate Japanese Culture through Japanese Sake

    Presentation by the Students of Japanese Language & Culture Studies Course - Gifu University

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  • October 2013 to August 201413th Term

    Japanese and Vietnamese women's social advancement -Change of the view towards working-
    Growth and decay of Korean and Japanese comedy -Cultural differences seen through mandan (a comic monologue) and manzai (stand-up comedy) -
    Disaster and multicultural society -The efforts of Gifu City and Gifu University-
    The comparison between Japanese and New Zealand gardens -Garden with a pond and dry garden style-
    The practice of ama* and the present situation -The case of ama in Shima region, Mie Prefecture-
    I give (kureru) you a book -The use of ‘yaru’ and ‘kureru’ in dialect-
    Does an apprentice training system exist in Japan? -Apprenticeships on Japanese and Swedish high school education-
    The comparison of onomatopee between Japanese and Chinese language -Using the example of “Kitchen” written by Banana Yoshimoto-
    Cultural Strategy for ukai, cormorant fishing, on the Nagara River -Can it be identified as World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO? -
    Manpower export from Vietnam and Training Program/Technical Intern Training Program
    *Ama is professional female divers who go into the water mainly for food such as shellfish and seaweed.

    Overseas students' presentation on Japanese Studies 2014 was held - Gifu University

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  • October 2012 to August 201312th Term

    Understanding of Differences between Japan and China by Observing Chopsticks: History, Beliefs, Superstitions and Taboos
    Comparison of the Public Bath House Culture between South Korea and Japan
    Considering Omikuji Random Fortunes in Terms of Their Forms and People’s Awareness about Them
    Cultural Property Policy of Gifu City, Once a Home Base of Oda Nobunaga
    Problems Faced by Day-Care Centers and Kindergartens in Japan and Vietnam
    Intensive Adverbs Widely Used by Today’s Youth, Such as Meccha and Cho
    Frequency of Use and Visibility of Proverbs by Japanese and Thai Young People
    Native Language Education at Chinese Universities
    Comparing Current Facts about Marriage between Japan and South Korea with a Focus on Declining Marriage Rates
    Taking Another Look at Crows by Featuring Three-legged Crows

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  • October 2011 to August 201211th Term

    Views toward Cats: Based on Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Feline Portrayals
    A Linguistic Analysis of the Gifu Dialect and a Survey of Its Vocabulary and Usage
    Hikikomori in Japanese Society
    A Comparison of Korean and Japanese Perceptions of the Destiny of the Soul: A Study based on an Analysis of Issues pertaining to Cemeteries in Contemporary Japan
    The Yashagaike (Demon Pond) Legend and the Modern Era: Dragon God Faith from a Korean Perspective
    Kyoto Dialect: An Observation of the Trends of Kansai Dialects through the Example of the Kyoto Dialect
    Tokkotai in the Pacific War: The Realities and Legacies of Squadron Members
    English; Subject; Negation: Subject Word Usage by Japanese Speakers of English

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  • October 2010 to September 201110th Term

    Foreign Cultures Seen in TV Commercials -Comparison Between Japanese and Swedish TV Commercials
    Differences Between China and Japan in Terms of Acceptance of Western Food Culture -Focusing on the Creation of Ampan (Bean-paste Buns) in the Period of Cultural Enlightenment in Japan
    Study of Stereotyped Chinese People Portrayed by Japanese People of Today-Through Analysis of Japanese Manga and Anime
    Study of Child Rearing by Japanese and Chinese Men During the Day-Focusing on Japanese "Ikumen (Men Who Actively Participate in Parenting)"
    Developing Tea Brands in Gifu-Shirakawa Tea
    Differences Between Chinese and Japanese Lifestyles -Analysis of the Tatami Mat Lifestyle
    Children's Songwriter Misuzu Kaneko and Her Works-Acceptance of Her Works in China and Their Characteristics

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  • October 2009 to September 20109th Term

    Comparison of waste disposal methods between Gifu City and Nanning City -Focusing on separation for recycling and final disposition-
    Comparison of souvenir cultures between Japan and South Korea -Based on an awareness of souvenirs of people in both countries-
    Attractiveness in China of animated films made in Japan -Feeling out the future of the China International Cartoon & Animation Industry-
    “Du-reformen” or “you-reform” -The shift of the second person in languages derived from Germanic languages and in the Japanese language-
    Understanding the times from naming styles -Naming trends in Sweden and Japan-
    Various aspects of katakana loan words -Focusing on levels of understanding of persons who study the Japanese language-
    Study on juvenile delinquency in China and Japan -Focusing on atrocious crimes-

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  • October 2008 to September 20098th Term

    Japan and Sweden under the global financial crisis -focusing on zero-interest-rate policies-
    The youth and faith -focusing on religious events in Thailand and Japan-
    Attitude survey on "greatness" among college students between Japan and China
    Attitude survey on marriage and career after marriage among young generation between Japan and China -based on “good wife and wise mother” and “wise wife and good mother”-
    Ability to coin new words with Japanese Kanji characters -ability to form words-
    "Dream of the Red Chamber" and "The Tale of Genji" -Doubts on comparing the two works

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  • October 2007 to September 20087th Term

    An opinion on Japanese subtitles: Mysteries of free translation, alteration, and omission
    Kanji (Chinese characters) in Japanese language and their necessity
    The Economic livelihood of farmers in Thailand and Japan
    Labor issues of Chinese trainees & skill training employees: based on an investigation of conditions in Gifu Prefecture
    Food changes and its factors in modern China and Japan

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  • October 2006 to September 20076th Term

    Birth of national sport: Comparison between China and Japan in tai chi and sumo
    The Anti-Vietnam War movement in Japan
    The influence and focus of TV media: A study of the "Natto Diet" broadcast in Aru Aru Daijiten II
    Japanese music power and its influence in Thailand
    Images of housewives from magazines for housewives in Japan and China
    The dynamics of bullying in schools

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  • October 2005 to September 20065th Term

    A study on improvements in fighting games: A comparison between Japan and Western countries (especially Sweden)
    Brazilian soccer studied in J-league: Brazilian soccer and principles/100-year plan for the J-league
    Worldwide expansion of the world of Banana Yoshimoto: Looking at the Russian translation of Kitchen
    Footprints of outstanding haiku poets and poets: Great poets in Japan and Thailand
    The realities of the homeless in Japan, through volunteer activities
    Kamikaze corps

  • October 2004 to September 20054th Term

    Loan words in Japanese language: based on questionnaires
    Discussion of adapted stories of Ryunosuke Akutagawa originating in Chinese classics: A study of Toshishun
    Female labor and society: A comparison between Chinese and Japanese societies from the view of labor in the 1980s

  • October 2003 to September 20043rd Term

    Changing values in youth
    Current coming-out of homosexuals in Japan and Thailand
    Drinking culture: Comparing Japan and Thailand
    A study of the image of geisha as captured in ‘Japonism’ in Sweden
    Women portrayed in Tokyo Love Story and Chinese women
    Food cultures in China and Japan: A comparative view of cooking features & constructions, thoughts on food, and ingredients & cooking methods

  • October 2002 to September 20032nd Term

    Koreans in Japan: A history of discrimination against Koreans living in Japan
    Illegal immigrants in Japan and Australia
    Sumo wrestlers in the ring and wrestlers on grasslands: A comparison between Japanese and Mongolian sumo (bufu)
    A History of Make-up: The Cosmetics culture in Thailand and Japan
    American and Japanese Animation

  • October 2001 to September 20021st Term

    From the Middle Ages to Modern Times: Hideyoshi’s ordinances for unifying the country
    The Ainu and Aborigine: Natives and colonization
    Analysis of keigo (honorifics) and the current status/awareness of keigo among youth
    Mechanisms of memory and new kanji (Chinese character)-learning methods
    The language of youth in Japanese society
    Missionaries and the tea ceremony
    Animation movies by Disney and Hayao Miyazaki
    Festivals in Japan and China