Admission to Gifu University

Prospective Applicants

The types of student at Gifu University are generally classified as Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students. It is very important for you to check whether there is a course or a faculty member in Gifu University appropriate for your study objectives and research proposals. Without such preparation, you may run the risk of entering a department that does not offer classes in the field of study you chose.


Collect information on research fields and researchers you are interested in.

Faculties/Graduate Schools (in Japanese)
Faculties/Graduate Schools (in English)
Gifu University Researcher Information


Decide a type of student you wish to study.

To those who wish to complete degree: Degree Seeking Programs
To those who wish to prepare for attaining degree /to those who do not need completing degree: Non-Degree Programs

Gifu University provides exchange program and summer school program for students of partner universities.
Details of applications are provided to partner universities from the Inbound Student Affairs Section of Gifu University. Please confirm the details at the outbound student affairs section of your university.

Exchange Program
Short-term Study Program (Summer School)


Make sure to prepare enough money for traveling.

Only a few scholarships are available for applying before arrival. Applicants applying for scholarship after arrival are required satisfactory Japanese language proficiency.
Please make a plan carefully with due consideration for expenses including examination fee, entrance fee, tuition, living expenses (rent, electricity, gas and water services, and food) and National Health Insurance (for students entering as student visa).
*The university provides exemption clauses by conditions of students’ visa status and programs participated.

Admission and Tuition Fees
Japan Student Services Organization: Study in Japan


Collect information on accommodations and visa.

Housing Information