Japanese Society and Culture Program

Course Details

The Japanese Society and Culture Program is a six-month or a year program for exchange students belonging to the Center for Japanese Language and Culture of Gifu University. In this program, students take a series of three comprehensive and systematic Japanese language and culture courses. Students will also learn Japanese culture by attending the “Japanese Culture Workshop” which provides both hands-on and experiment-based workshops on Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen performing arts) and Juni-hitoe (twelve-layered kimono). The three courses will be completed in one semester (four months). Students are placed at the most appropriate level based on their Japanese proficiency.

Cross-Cultural Understanding Course 1 & 2


This course is intended to assist international students to learn about the diversity of cultures and different language systems, including the influence of their own native language from a sociocultural perspective through involvement and interaction in Japanese society. The Cross-Cultural Understanding Course 1 is provided for Japanese language beginners, while Course 2 is for pre-intermediate level students, both of which aim to help students acquire and improve Japanese language.

Introduction to Japanese Culture Course


This course provides students first-hand experience of traditional Japanese culture as well as knowledge of its traditions and language based on their own understanding. Students will learn advanced Japanese language which will facilitate their understanding of its traditional culture. The course offers students at the intermediate level basic knowledge of Japanese cultures as well as a wide range of activities aimed to improve their expressions of ideas and thoughts in Japanese.

Japanese Society and Culture Course


This course focuses on training students to serve as cultural bridges between their own countries and Japan. Students will be able to speak fluently in Japanese and deepen their understanding of their own and that of the Japanese culture through readings and discussions of articles. The program is provided for pre-advanced level students and aims to develop practical language skills.