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International Researchers and Visitors

Researchers visiting Gifu University are defined in the following two types.

[Definition of International Researcher]
1. “International Researchers” shall refer to international researchers (those who are not Japanese nationals) who are involved in research at the University that is jointly conducted with full-time educators of the University.
2. Persons who meet the following criteria may be accepted as International Researchers:
Persons deemed to possess qualifications equivalent to or higher than full-time educators of the University.
Persons who in principle engage in research at the University for one month or more. (Excerpts from "Gifu University International Researcher Regulations")

Persons who are not international researchers

Procedures regarding Acceptance of International Researchers

Educators who accept international researchers and engage in joint research with them will carry out the procedures.
International researchers must prepare a Certificate of Health (Japanese and English written together) and submit it to the relevant educators.