About Center for Japanese Language and Culture

Campus Map


Directions to Center for Japanese Language and Culture

  • 1道順Get off a bus and turn right
  • 2道順Walk along the footpath and turn left at the sign post
  • 3道順Keep going straight towards the Academic Core Building
  • 4道順Turn right at the ACADEMIC CORE
  • 5道順Go straight until you hit a dead end
  • 6道順Then turn left
  • 7道順Follow the footpath towards the General Education Building (white building)
  • 8道順You will see the General Education Building in front of you
  • 9道順Take the small set of stairs and enter the building
  • 10道順Once you are inside, you can walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the fourth floor
  • 11道順Turn right when you reach the fourth floor or exit the elevator
  • 12道順This is the entrance to the center