Gifu University 2024 Summer School Program Application Guideline

Gifu University 2024 Summer School Program is a 4-week program held between June 19 and July 17, 2024, for students who are interested in the Japanese language and culture. In this program, you will:
・experience Japanese immersion language classes and enhance your Japanese language skills; and
・experience local Japanese culture and virtually explore cultural and natural sites in Japan.
*Programs are scheduled with GU Japanese student monitors

How to Apply

This program is open to students from all our overseas partner universities. Interested students are asked to apply through the International Student Affairs section (or related department) of their respective home universities.
We advise all applicants to carefully review the Application Guideline and complete the Application Form.
Applicants who are not familiar with the Outbound Student Section of their home university can contact Gifu University directly by email at inbound* (Please change * to @ to send an email.)
Your home university will mail the completed Application Forms of each applicant and the signed Agreement Form to Gifu University by post no later than March 25, 2024.

Program Details

Period & Quota



Wednesday, June 19 to Wednesday, July 17, 2024 (Four weeks)


15 students

Note: The program is held with the participation of more than 6 students.

Total Fee


Total Fee

190,000 JPY/student

The total fee includes:
【Program Fee】126,600 JPY:
・Japanese language course (including textbook & study materials)
・Extracurricular Japanese cultural activities
・Excursions (transportation expenses and entrance fees)
【Accommodation Fee】63,400 JPY:
・Rent of the designated housing facility, U.TOPIA LAND Annex (hereinafter called UTOPIA)
・Utility and common service fees


*Now in preparation

Japanese Language Class and Culture Experience

Japanese Language Program is offered by the Center for Japanese Language and Culture. Various cultural experiences provide participants the opportunity to communicate with GU students and local residents. Please refer to the following:

Japanese Language Class

The Japanese Language Program is offered to those who know beginner level Japanese as follows:
  -can read and write hiragana
  -know certain basic verbs (ex. たべます、よみます、べんきょうします)
  -know certain basic adjectives (ex. おいしい、きれいな、すきな)
  -can construct simple sentences (ex. だいがくへいきます。ほんをかいます。)

Japanese Culture Experience

Introduction of Gifu University campus and student life: GU students from different faculties will introduce their study and learning environment.
Introduction of Gifu: GU students will introduce history and culture of Gifu.
Student/International Student Exchange: GU students and international students talk about their lives in Japan and interact with each other.
Regional Culture Exchange: Discuss traditional Japanese and Gifu culture.
*Programs are subject to change

Interaction with Japanese Student Monitors


GU students who have been registered will serve as language partners to support your Japanese communication.

Issue of Certificate of Completion


Students with 80% (and above) attendance will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Students who attend 80% (and above) of their Japanese language classes will also receive an individual Assessment Report.