Gifu University JDP Consortium First Study Meeting: How to use bamboo resources

On Monday, March 20, 2023, the Glocalization Promotion Division, GU-GLOCAL hosted the "Gifu University Joint Degree Programs (JDP) Consortium First Study Meeting: How to use bamboo resources."

The Glocalization Promotion Division helps glocal- (global + local) minded individuals to seek and find employment at home and abroad, and supports international collaboration among regions and across industries. As a part of its initiatives for this "international collaboration among regions and across industries," the Division is accelerating international cooperation with India through the utilization of bamboo resources.

To explore the potential of bamboos in India, six representatives from four Japanese firms attended the seminar held at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG^1, India) in early March this year. In the seminar, the president of a bamboo company operating its business in India spoke about legal procedures and challenges in dealing with bamboo resources in India.

The first study meeting was held to facilitate information-sharing among Japanese companies interested in bamboos and expand the possibilities of a bamboo business with India. Members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and representatives of 19 Japanese companies attended the study meeting on March 20 (in-person participation: 19 people, online participation: 18 people).

In the meeting, people who attended the IITG seminar spoke about the presentations they made for the seminar. Gifu University representatives proposed the formulation of a new framework for business-government-academia collaboration in Japan and India. In addition, special ceramic products that can be applied to bio businesses were introduced. The participants actively exchanged their views on the future of bamboo resource utilization and collaboration with India.

The Glocalization Promotion Division of GU-GLOCAL continues to host the study meetings, and we look forward to welcoming your participation.

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1) IITG is Gifu University's JDP partner university overseas