Study Abroad Fair 2022 Autumn

On November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization hosted the “Study Abroad Fair 2022 Autumn ~ Let’s expand the circle of study abroad ~ .” This fair was held in a style where participants visited booths operated mainly by students with study abroad experiences, then students could interact directly with each other.

In Part 1, the Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Office explained about study abroad programs and scholarship systems sponsored by the organization, followed by reports on study abroad experiences by representatives of each study abroad program.

In Part 2, the participants seemed to be very interested in studying abroad, listening attentively to program explanations and testimonials by students who had studied abroad at each booth and asking questions. Participants also commented that they were glad to be able to interact directly with students who had studied abroad. At the same time, some students who have studied abroad said that they enjoyed being able to communicate their study abroad experiences to the participants in a style that allowed them to interact directly.

It is hoped that the explanations of the study abroad programs at this fair and the networks built through student exchanges will further increase interest in study abroad programs and promote study abroad in the future.

Scenes of the event

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