Summer School Report 2019

Let us share some of the memorable moments of students attending the Summer School Program. We hope more international students become interested in Japan and Gifu through our Summer School program that offers participants a great opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and traditions. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our deep appreciation to everyone supporting the program every summer.

  • Jul 24 2019Summer School Report 2019

    Please click here for Summer School Report 2019.

  • Jul 24 2019Presentation/Closing Ceremony/Farewell Party

    On the final day of the school, every student gave a speech on their most memorable things or events happened during their stay in Gifu and Japan. Students who attended the classes (80% or more in attendance rate) were handed out a certificate of completion, At a farewell party, students who were chosen to represent their home countries made a speech in Japanese on their impressions about the summer school before President Hisakata Moriwaki, university professors, student monitors, etc.

  • Jul 17 2019Tour to University Farm & Soft-Serve Ice Cream Making

    Students visited the university farm and made soft-serve ice creams with milk from the cattle being raised at the farm. While they were waiting for ice creams ready, the farm's director explained the structure, roles and activities of the food-processing building within the farm. The students also strolled around vegetable fields, an orchard and spent some time brushing cows at a cow house.

  • Jul 12 2019Gujo Program

    With the strong support from the members of Gujo Hachiman International Friendship Association and the Gujo City Office staffers, students joined a number of cultural events and home stay programs in Gujo City, Gifu.

    【Gujo Program Itinerary】
      July 12
       Morning: after arriving at Gujo City, students visited Hachiman Elementary School
       Afternoon: dressed up in yukata (summer kimono), practiced Gujo Bon Dancing,
               took part in kendo training with the Gujo Senior High School Kendo Club
          members,met host families, attended a welcome party and stayed at host family's homes.
      July 13
       Morning: practiced Japanese calligraphy and attended a tea ceremony
       Afternoon: stayed at host family's homes
      July 14
       Full Day: spent time with host families
      July 15
       Morning: reviewed Gujo Program, took photos with host families, etc.
       Afternoon: arrived at Gifu University

  • Jul 10 2019Nohgaku Workshop

    With "watching, listening and experiencing" as key words, Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen traditional performing arts) workshop was held on campus. Students first listened to explanations given by Mr. Madoka Mikata and Mr. Hiromichi Tamoi (both are main actors called "Shite" in Kanze School) about Noh, and Kyogen from Mr. Kodo Yamaguchi and Mr. Chuzaburo Shigeyama (Kyogen drama performers in Okura School). Later, students closely watched their professional Noh and Kyogen performances being unfolded on stage.

  • Jul 05 2019Excursion to Seki

    Students enjoyed traditional sword making demonstration at Seki Hamono Museum (Seki City, Gifu Prefecture) and later joined a scissor-making workshop. Local volunteer people invited the students to a kimono-wearing workshop to develop their understanding of traditional Japanese cloths.

  • Jul 04 2019University Hospital Tour & Nursing Course English Workshop

    After a tour of the University Hospital, students joined the English Workshop with the third-year nursing course students.

  • Jun 28 2019Bird Watching Workshop & Haiku Composition

    Students joined a bird watching workshop held at Nagaragawa Fureai-no-Mori park (Gifu City). After spending some time observing birds in the forest, they introduced nature and birds indigenous to their home countries each other. They also challenged composing Japanese seventeen-syllable haiku poems in the park.

  • Jun 27 2019Start of Japanese Language Class

    Students attended the Japanese language classes from June 27 to July 23.

  • Jun 26 2019Orientation/Opening Ceremony/Welcome Party

    The 2019 Summer School started on June 26. Ten students came to Gifu University from four different countries. They are; three from Northern Kentucky University (U.S.), two from Mokpo National University (South Korea), two from Guangxi University (China), one from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (also China), and two from the National University of Malaysia (UKM, Malaysia). In the afternoon of June 26, students took part in orientation and a campus tour. They also attended the school's opening ceremony in the evening. At a welcome party, students enjoyed conversations with GU student monitors, international students already studying at the University.