Admission to Gifu University

Application for 2024-2025 Privately Financed International Exchange Students from Partner Universities

Application Forms and Documents to be Submitted

In accordance with the Agreement for an Exchange Program, Gifu University is currently seeking applications of privately financed international exchange students (special auditors, special research students) from our partner universities, who intend to study at Gifu University in 2024 and 2025. Please download and fill out the following documents, submit them to your faculty officials who are responsible for student exchange programs before the deadline.

Please download Form A-E by clicking below.
Form A and D differ by Special Auditor and Special Research Student

1. Application Form for Special Auditor Form A-1 or Special Research Student Form A-2
2. Certificate of Eligibility (Student) Application Form B
3. Statement of Financial Support Form C
4. Deposit Balance Certificate
5. Study Proposal for Special Auditor Form D-1 Research Proposal for Special Research Student Form D-2
6. Letter of Reference by Japanese language Instructor Form E
7. Certificate of Enrollment from Home University
8. Certified Academic Transcript from Home University
9. Full-face photo (Width 3 cm (1.19") x Height 4 cm (1.58"))
10. Copy of a passport

Application Deadline

for April 2024 enrollment: November 6, 2023 (JST)
for October 2024 enrollment: April 4, 2024 (JST)
Please note that an application deadline for faculty officials of partner universities may be a little earlier than the above-mentioned deadline.


Each partner university is required to send the above-mentioned documents to the Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Office, Gifu University via email before the deadline. Please note that Gifu University does not accept any applications past the above deadline or those which are not properly completed. Applications from individual students will not be accepted.

Notice of Acceptance

Gifu University informs its partner universities whether their applicants are accepted or not by the following dates.
for April 2024 enrollment: by the end of January 2024
for October 2024 enrollment: by the end of June 2024

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