Gifu University Fund and International Exchange Projects

Gifu University Funded Activities

The Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization implements the following programs using donated scholarship funds. We invite donations from faculty and staff as well as students on campus in order to provide financial assistance to privately-financed international students, especially those who are facing financial difficulties. In consideration of increasing number of international students being accepted by Gifu University, we are hoping to strengthen financial support for privately-financed international students as much as possible.

Scholarship for Short-Term Overseas Training This scholarship is provided to Japanese undergraduate students who wish to study overseas for a short term. It is intended to promote opportunities for overseas studies and train Japanese undergraduate students to gain global consciousness and global perspectives.
Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students This scholarship provides financial aid for tuition to privately-financed international students who are facing financial difficulties and show exemplary character and superior grades. This is aimed at increasing the number of international students accepted by Gifu University.
Scholarship for Short term Exchange Students This scholarship is provided to Japanese undergraduate students who study at sister universities as exchange students, with the aim of training the students so that they can gain global consciousness and global perspectives.
Overseas Program for Outstanding Japanese Student This program provides scholarship to Japanese undergraduate students with outstanding grades and character who are dispatched overseas on short-term study abroad programs or other short-term programs. In addition, with the cooperation of sister universities, this program also provides scholarships to students who participate individually in research overseas, international exchange activities, or international volunteer work. The goal is to train outstanding talents who can adapt flexibly to the global community.