Gifu Region Workshop will be held by Aigi Career Development Consortium for International Students 2023

This year, we will once again carry out the joint efforts by four organizations in Gifu prefecture (Gifu University, Gifu Prefecture, Gifu Employer's Association, and JETRO Gifu) to help international students find employment at excellent companies in Gifu Prefecture.

Continuing from last year, this year's workshop will include a networking event for companies and international students. Participating students will be required to create a self-introduction on a single A4 sheet that can be used as a business card to give to companies. Our faculty members will provide advice and guidance when creating this sheet, so please apply with confidence (online).

[Date and time] Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Participating students will receive a 500 yen Quo Card from the Gifu Employer's Association.


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