Employment Support Program for International Students

International Student Employment Promotion Program

Aigi Career Development Consortium for International Students

The Aigi Career Development Consortium for International Students was established with an aim to support international students' job-seeking efforts in Japan. The organizations within the prefectures which have assented to the missions of the Career Development Program for International Students of the MEXT (universities, local governments, economic organizations, and enterprise-supporting associations) have formed a partnership to assist students' job finding activities in Japan.

Although the career development program for international students ended in AY2021, we will continue to implement various programs to support students in finding employment, utilizing the framework of the consortium.

Participating Universities Nagoya University, Gifu University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Meijo University, Nanzan University, and Aichi Prefectural University
Objectives To offer a number of educational programs to international students to help them find employment after completion of their studies at universities.
Program “Career Japanese Language”, “Career Education” and “Internship”

- Other than the programs, “Internship Orientation” and “Career Development Program for Understanding Japanese Companies” will be held at the Employment Support Office.

Please contact the Employment Support Office.
Phone: 058-293-3362 / E-mail: job@gifu-u.ac.jp

Additional programs held by a partnership (Gifu Prefecture and JETRO) are available.
Please check here (https://ag-int.org/) for further information.

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