Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen) Workshop for Japanese & International Students

CJLC helds Nogaku (Noh and Kyogen, traditional Japanese stage performances) Workshop. We welcome students, staff members and others. If you are interested in, please join us! (Attention: This workshop will be conducted in Japanese.)

Date & Time: 13:00-15:15, Wed. July 5
Place: Washitsu (Japanese Style Rooom) in CJLC (4th floor of General Education Building) ※Please wear socks during the workshop.
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: 50 members
Application: Please send email to Your name and Faculty/Graduate school (or other, if you are not a student/staff member of Gifu Univ.) are needed.
For more information, please contact 058-293-2138 or 3392 (Japanese only).