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  • Theme
    Thinking about SDGs
    (Let’s express nearby SDGs things such as in your campus in one story!)
  • Entry fee
  • Eligibility
    Students fromTokai National Higher Education and Research System / Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati / Universiti Kebangssan Malaysia / Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    Undergraduate students are prioritized.
  • Application deadline
    June 30th 2023

Our Story

Gifu University is planning step-by-step exchange programs on the axis of Joint Degree with a support from Inter-University Exchange Project by MEXT. This collaborative video making program is completed by online interactions alone and do not require travelling overseas. One team made of 4 students from India, Malaysia and Japan will put their concepts and ideas on what they want to express together and make one story by gathering moving images. We expect that the participants will gain a new perspective and a way of thinking, as well as develop their ability to cooperate with people from different background through making one story.

Your Benefits

  • Understand other countries

    • Learn other countries and rediscover your country
    • Notice from different points of view
  • Ability to cooperate with people from other countries

    • Making foreign friends
    • Communication ability in English as a second language
  • Video story making skills

    • Gaining video story making know-how
    • Ability to manage a multinational team

The participants who worked together making a video will be awarded the certificate of completion.
The team whose video is selected as the best at the competition will be presented the Best CVMP Award.

Schedule*Schedule is subject to change considering circumstances of members.

Cooperative workshop to make video stories among students from 3 countries for a long period from July to November

  • 0

    Selection of

    Application deadline June 30th 2023
    Notice of acceptance: 1st week of July
  • 1+

    Announcement of teams, reconfirmation of rules, role of members, daily communication, deciding a password for allocated FTP service, etc.

    Kickoff meeting

    2nd week of July
  • 2+

    All members of each team will participate in this session. The participants will confirm the meaning of shooting in one team and their roles and, learn how to shoot with their smartphone.

    1st Workshop by
    a creative agency

    4th week of July
  • 3+

    All members of each team will participate in this session.

    2nd Workshop by
    a creative agency

    2nd week of August
  • 4+

    Only team leader will participate in this session to talk with the creative agency.
    All moving images for editing a video are basically prepared by this day.

    3rd Workshop by
    a creative agency

    2nd week of Setember
  • 5 +

    140 ELE. will edit videos in order of teams.
    You will be asked to check the video on your allocated FTP when completed.
    Please look forward to it!

    Video editing
    by 140 ELE.

    For one month of October
  • 6+

    Each team will give a presentation on why they decided the theme and story of the video. The best video will be selected based on the evaluations such as the strict accordance with rules, performance of your presentation and video.


    1st week of November

Who Can Apply

  • Being interested in India/Malaysia/Japan.
  • Want to try making a video without professional techniques or editing devices.
  • Want to accept different values and ideas to improve yourself
  • Want to do a cooperative work with people overseas
  • Full-time student
    Gifu University, Nagoya University, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System / Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati / Universiti Kebangssan Malaysia /Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Applicant can understand English, writing and reading
  • Applicant can attend whole program.
  • Applicant understands a smartphone is the only shooting device allowed.
  • Applicant can attend online meetings with turning on camera.
  • Applicant has no objection to publish program photos for PR.
  • Applicant is under 25 years old.

Note: Editing knowledge is not necessary because a professional company will edit videos in this program. Shooting or editing with special devices owned by the participants is prohibited since the videos of each group are evaluated in the final competition.


Other Program

We are planning the following programs with the support from Inter-University Exchange Project by MEXT.

  • Winter School (IITG/UKM ⇒ Gifu University)

    • Open in December
    • Certificate issued

    Study in Japan program

    Visiting Japanese companies, learning Japanese and its culture, visiting university laboratories, etc. are planned.


  • Spring School (Gifu University ⇒ IITG)

    • Open in March
    • Certificate issued

    Study in IITG program

    Learning Indian culture, visiting university laboratories and Indian companies, etc. are planned.


  • Glocal Expert Course(Gifu University ⇔ IITG)

    Certificate of each discipline will be issued to who obtained necessary credits through online lectures, lectures with foreign students and study-abroad.

    In development


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Application deadline June 30th 2023