• Gifu University Joint Degree Video Clip (Japanese)

    This 3-minute animation clip introduces the Joint Degree Programs (3 doctoral programs and 1 master’s program) started in April 2019 between Gifu University and its two overseas partners – Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (India) and Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia.

  • JD student interview video_Full version 15 min (English)

    The video features interview clips with JD students in which they expressed their wishes and goals for entering the newly-established JD program of studies. This video was also aired at the Joint Degree Launching Ceremony and Symposium held on October 7-8, 2019.
    Four graduate-level JD programs were established with Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (India) and Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia in April 2019, with the 1st batch of 14 students enrolled in the graduate programs.

  • Spring Program at IIT Guwahati (3min) 2019 ver. (English and Japanese)

    The short video clip introduces the Spring Program (short-term outbound program) held at IITG in 2019. It was also shown to participants in the Study Abroad Fair in Autumn held on November 13,

Collaborative Video Making Program

  • Come feel at home, Let's play sports!

  • Creating Your Moments

  • A day in the life of Gifu, IITG & UKM students

  • Hope

  • International Cooking

  • Best place to relax in our university

  • A daily life of a student of different countries

  • Happiness is our choice

The videos were created by eight teams of students from Gifu University, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia over a four-month period. This program was held from November to March in AY2020 and August to November in AY2021. Based on the theme of promoting international exchanges post-Covid, highlights of student life from different institutional campuses are summarized in one vignette.